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Often times when we are in pain, whether we suffer from a headache or back pain, we tend to reach for a bottle of aspirin. But I bring awareness to my clients through the power of a touch, empowering them to improve their daily lives. The intent behind my message is to create space within the body. We spend all our lives in our bodies, and I believe that we all can benefit from more space within them. I work with you to help you pinpoint and manage your pain so that you can get back to the life you love to live. Therapeutic Massage is both rehabilitative and preventive for optimal health. With my specialty in Therapeutic Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Myofascial release I can find the root of your pain and work with you to become pain-free. With Knead a Massage I make every massage customized with you in mind.

We Offer Massage Therapy

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Too busy to leave your house or just want to feel good without having to leave the comfort of your home? Book a Mobile Massage!

Each Massage is tailored to your needs at no extra cost. Want just 60 minutes on neck, shoulders, and feet? Maybe you need a session devoted to stretching with light bodywork to flush out the toxins and lactic acid from a strenuous workout. It’s as simple as picking the time and date.

60 Minute THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE - $125        


Cupping -35$ 

Knead A Massage
Knead A Massage

Specializing in Therapeutic Massages & Pain Management

Get back to living the life you love when you book a session with us

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I am the sole practitioner at Knead a Massage. I have been practicing Massage Therapy for over 13 years. I started my massage clinic because I saw the need for restorative healing. Too many of us are ignoring our bodies and pushing past stress, tension, and pain. With my knowledge of many modalities, I can help you pinpoint what the cause is.

I specialize in working with clients with neck and upper shoulder pain and help those struggling with day-to-day pain from sitting and or standing for long periods of time. I customize each massage to what you and your body need. If you are ready to begin a journey to living a pain-free healthier life through bodywork, whether you are a “Desk Jockey,” busy parent who needs to relax, or your atypical person who wants to be able to move their neck without pain, come experience bodywork that not only releases tension from your body but your mind as well.

Why Choose Us?

Specializing in neck and shoulder pain relief. Tired of having a nagging pain in your neck and shoulders? At Knead a Massage our therapist is trained in helping clients feel more relaxed and have less tension in your neck and shoulders or the treatment is on us. Stop thinking pain is normal and come and see us today and get back to living the life you love.

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